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"Vita Engineering’s" website was launched on the occasion of The Labor Day



On the occasion of The Labor Day The Occupational Medicine Service "Vita Engineering" launched its official website http://www.stm.vita.bg/


Besides presentation of "Vita Engineering" the page gives more information about the services and offers of the Occupational Medicine Service. The website started with basic information about the history and the team of the company, with of course, forthcoming enlargement of topics and information on projects of "Vita Engineering".


The Occupational Medicine Service is a structural unit of "Vita Engineering" Ltd. and is established in 2000.


"Vita Engineering" consults and assists employers to implement the precautionary approach to ensure healthy and safe working conditions and introduce the principle of consistent improvement of health and safety management. The main functions of OMS are:


        Monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the health status in relation to working conditions of all serviced employees, including those with increased sensitivity and reduced resistance.

        Participation in assessing the risk of health and safety of workers as required by regulations in order to ensure health and safety at work.

        Participation in the implementation of training programs for executives, workers and their representatives on the rules to ensure health and safety at work and compliance with safe work practices.


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