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Why is the occupational health service is so important?

Recently, there are more and more discussions about safety at work and how to preserve health of employees in your company.


Even before Bulgaria's accession to the European Union Bulgarian legislation related to safe working conditions is fully harmonized with that of EU.


In 2010-2011 The International ISSA Organization along with German and DGUV and BGETEM, made a study on "Costs and benefits of investing in occupational safety and health", published on the official website of the ISSA. The study examines the question of how safety and health at work help not only workers but also the employers.


Here are the results from the survey:





Fig. 1 Influence of occupational health in individual economic activities




As seen from the chart, prevention has clear effect on the material production (manufacture, transport, storage).


The following chart shows the leading effects (direct) of prevention - to reduce risk, reduce dangerous behavior and workplace accidents. Other positive effects (indirect) are the improving of the company image and culture.




Fig. 2 Effects of provision of health and safety within a company




A successful advisor and collaborator in providing safe and healthy working conditions appears to be the occupational health service. With its aid efforts of employers to achieve optimal working conditions is realized more easily. At services work professionals with the necessary knowledge of health and safety at work who are capable of advising and assisting employers.


Each year in the European Union are registered 6.9 million accidents at work and even more cases of occupational diseases. Economic costs due to these accidents are estimated at over 490 billion. However, health and life are not measurable quantities, they are priceless!


Let the joint effort to preserve life and health of employees!


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